Is this you?

Here's the fix

A new, tasty way to
deal with your annoying
sleep problems.

Fall asleep naturally in 30 minutes* without taking pills

What you can expect?

Rolling on the bed for hours is miserable.

Not to mention the pain to go through with every alarm snooze in the morning, reluctantly forcing yourself to get up from the bed.

Sleeping well solves more  problems.
I know, right?

One good sleep can make a huge different

Take better control over your sleep, you are in 33% more control over your life. 

Falling asleep faster.
Get the restorative sleep your body needs.
Wake up with a refreshed sensation.
Better focus on daily works.
Doing what you love better.

Pop it. Drink it. Sleep well.

And win your day.


for a single can


active ingredients

30 minutes*

away from sleep


restorative sleep




Valerian Root




Vitamin B6

Need a reference?

more than 300 nights of good sleep created before we make this available on retail shelfs.
We don’t want to left you out!

Good day or bad day

ending it with a good sleep is the wisest thing to do

Start trying with 4 cans.

RM38.90 + FREE Delivery

When 4 is too little and 24 is too many.

RM109.00 + FREE Delivery

Good sleep? The more the merrier!

RM218.00 + FREE Delivery

Start trying with 4 cans.

When 4 is too little and 24 is too many.

Good sleep? The more the merrier!

RM38.90 + FREE Delivery

RM109.00 + FREE Delivery

RM218.00 + FREE Delivery

Shut down your mind for a good sleep.
Keep yourself away from unnecessary thoughts, so that
you can better focus on what really matters,
do what you love best.

*the average time to fall asleep after drinking Dozoff is 30 minutes, effect may vary from person to person


We understand so well the pain of not being able to sleep well. It feels bad when we did not perform as expected simply due to a bad sleep. We don’t want our hard works get ruined by our sleep problems, and we want to stay healthy to walk the daily lives we are so excited and intriguing about.
So we created Dozoff, a sleep drinks that is effective yet nutritious and drug-free. We can’t wait to have Dozoff helping you to sleep better, so we have created this exclusive release for people wanting great sleep like you even before we launch. Don’t be selfish to keep it only to yourself, share to people around you who are in need of improved sleeps.